World Aids Day!

It used to be malaria
Lady Mosquitoes with their death kiss
Were the culprit and we knew
So, no judgements, since it could be you
Every lucky one gets kissed, no biggie
Now, it’s not anymore
It’s HIV now
And we are all dorned in our wigs
And swaying our gavels hither and thither

She must have been sleeping around
He is too careless, must be a druggist
He used to be a good boy,
I suspect village people
Don’t go close, don’t dine
You know how these things are
You might catch it from the air he breathes
Or the cup he drinks

I feel terrible
It could be malaria or Flu or Stress
I can’t have HIV, I reject it!
I should probably run this HIV test
But no, everyone would start avoiding me
And I might be on drugs for the rest I live
I’d rather not,
What you don’t know won’t kill you
More Lies!

Here’s the truth
To live in knowledge
Beats dying in ignorance
For whether or not you know
Ignorance doesn’t cure HIV
It only drags the death closer
While deceiving with the luxury of flu
And malaria
Or worse of, a grandeur of health
And chronic nothingness
Which we conveniently blame on village people!

Kene (Airic) Ujam
Dec 1, 2018

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