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  • This Place

    This place is temptingSteadily drawing me inAnd asking me to stay backIn the warm embrace of complacence This place is not like LagosThat’s steadily draining me outWith the cost of everything taking me aback.The restlessness of a city that takes as it gives Perhaps I should stayI only need to sacrifice the lofty dreams and […]

  • Maths is comedy!

    Maths got jokes, for real. It’s a joke told by a nerd. So as you’d expect, it’s a terrible humourless joke but a joke none the less. I’d tell you why. Lately, I’ve been trying to gobble up some quick lessons on maths because I intend sitting for the GRE. And I have found that […]

  • Between your lungs and your nose

    United in our common division Some call it isolation, Mankind has come to that point Where what matters is who “breathes” And no longer who owns what Nor who is coloured what A little city is injured, the entire world bleeds It is true, what they say Our world is a global village, Wuhan is […]

  • Spoil the canvas; Save the Painter

    This evening, I streamed a beautiful celebration of today’s liturgy straight from the Vatican.A part of the homily struck me, the priest who shared the homily told a story of a man whom I understand to be a painter or sculptor (I couldn’t hear everything as it was narrated in Latin and speedily translated in […]

  • Corona Virus in Nigeria; What Community Pharmacists Should do

    Dear Pharmacist in Community Practice, my name is Kenechukwu Ujam, a Public Health Pharmacist with Medplus Pharmacy Limited. With the recent developments, it has become imperative that we adopt the best proactive measures for combating the nCovid-19.No longer should we consider sneezing and runny nose as simply possible signs of allergies, now more than ever […]

  • Find You!

    Yesterday while at work, I met this adorable little girl, she should be about 8 or 9 and came as pretty as they do. Let’s call her Ayo, because that is her name🙄 (or a part of it at least😏). What actually happened was that I noticed a scuffle between Ayo and her guardian, another […]

  • Ads in Lagos

    So, I saw this at the wall of a Barbeque shop this morning. And it literally froze me in my tracks. Did you see what they did there? First they come humble and appealing and unassuming hence disarming you and crashing your walls of doubts and expectations at the same time. I mean, the first […]

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I look back at some of the things I said forever to, some of the things I thought I could never do without, some answers to prayers that I thought were mine. Sometimes it wrecks the plumbings in my heart and drains through my eyes. At some other times, I just giggle at the […]

  • Love on a Partitioned Chicken😉

    I feel I’ve missed out on what could have been a beautiful love story today!😩💔 So, I went to Chicken Republic to get a refuel pack, the 500 naira pack (because I cannot bear to spend an extra 300 naira on a small conceited salad and a dwarf fanta when I can easily buy ugu […]

  • May, the Thirtieth (in memory of the Biafra “Holocaust”)!

    We have not forgotten! And nobody should forget! Nobody should forget that some time ago in Nigeria, one of the most ravaging wars was fought. It became a holocaust! The Biafra “holocaust”! Our country fell, the physical ruins were seen majorly in the East, the Biafran land, but the cultural, economic, social and polictical ruin, […]