Let’s Yours what’s mine and mine what’s Yours!

So many years down the line
And I still ask, is he mine?
Yes, we are all Zebras
Still, what shade of white are his lines
Else with him, we won’t dine

What I speak is not mine
And yours isn’t yours
So, why not I mine what’s yours
And you, yours what’s mine
Rather than glorify this strange tongue
And bother whether I “L” my “R”s

Show me your wallet and
I’d give you my vote
Impregnate my purse
And laden me with promises
Though they be false
Bear my name, or a like of it
And my thumb is yours,
Whatever you will, to make of it

All hail the chefs in our roads
For our pots and its holes
The tasteless broth of heroes blood
The cursed aroma of human entrails
Nobody dines these but we don’t care
Our bother rather is
Whose what is worth what

So, there is a miracle, I hear
Of Musa-Emeka Adegbite
And Ejiro-Amina Ekejindu
Ordering for Egusi-amala
And Tuwo-kaikon
And no, they don’t purge
And yes, they live in Utopia

For now, let’s pretend and toast to life
For today, be not North nor South
Just be green and white
And no colours in between
Cling to hope and exchange the faith
That one day,
Nigerians would truly be found in Nigeria!

Happy Independence Day My People!

Picture Credit: Shutterstock , my “unhumble” self and others๐Ÿ˜

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