Lagos, on a daily !

An average Nigerian youth,
Fresh out of school,
And burrowing his way,
Into the corporate world

A bit of the love,
The traffic,
The body odour that comes with it,
And the beggars,
In Lagos!

The struggle….
As I make my way
To get in first,
And arrive my destination on time

As I looked out,
I wondered how I made it
Out of the crowd.

As I watched
The pilot(driver) and his land host(conductor),
Quarrelled with louts,
For road rights,
And broke traffic rules

Dirty legs,
Oily hands,
Endless puke of malnourished children,
As they wriggled and cried,
In the arms of their mother.
Yet another from the dusty car.

The sweat…
Of that person
who cant seem to
Stop resting on me

The odour….
From that armpit
Wrapped over my head,
Or that woman,
Who seems to go about her fish business

The pain….
From that fat fellow,
Resting on me,
And doesn’t seem to know the import of his weight.
The tears….
As fumes in the air make it worse
By finding their way into my eyes.

Fights ensue….
As I try not to get cheated.
The harassment….
From beggars,
Who are innocently looking for,
The easiest way out of poverty.

How did I survive all this!?!
The thoughts which fill my head,
When seated at my workplace
And I’m expected to deliver 100%
Yes………..I get paid for it!

Just crawled out of traffic,
After closing from work.
Walking home on the deserted road,
So quiet I could hear my heartbeat,
After another experience of doomsday,
In the city of lagos.

Just as the thoughts of me going through another episode of this series I call life hit me.
I was also struck with darkness,
By our unreliable PHCN which I preferably call NEPA.
I was smothered by heat,
And also handicapped by the inability to fire up the generator,
Due to fuel scarcity.
Now I can’t sleep,
Due to the sounds of generator sets,
Which has turned into my cacophonous melody of an anthem

So I turn solely to music,
Which is my release.
As time rolled by,
I wandered into forever land,
Which lasted less than 4hours only,

I prepare to go through another episode of this season.
With my hope still burning strong,
And hard work my forte,
I’ll burrow my way to the top

Funny tho,
Cos this is coming from,
An undergraduate,
Who has just walked though the corporate world
In this city of Lagos,
Through his Industrial Training

When I get there,
I’ll hook you up with another season of life.

Ogundare, Omotolani O.
IG: _omotolani

Pictures by giditraffic

8 responses to “Lagos, on a daily !”

  1. Interesting piece! I sure did enjoy reading. This Lagos experience is so relatable – the crowd, the heat, the odour! Mehn if can survive in Lagos, then you can’t certainly survive anywhere else!


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