The Animal Farm (Nigerian Version)

Apologies to George Orwell but, I believe a 21st century version of his fable is playing out in Nigeria currently.

You see, the land of our fathers is a beautiful one. It never runs out of juicy gossip. And no matter how terrible the situation of things is, there’s always something to laugh about.
Of recent, there’s been a fall out in the prior healthy relationship that existed between us, the humans in Nigeria and them, the animals (the other inhabitants of this country).
I have not had an interactive session with their spokesman so, I do not claim to know what their narrative is. But, from our angle (the humans), I believe the first warning we got of a chasm in our relationship with them was the *bird flu*.
That year, people were afraid of chicken and guys had good enough reason to drag ladies to a date and buy what we describe as “without” for them. But we survived that.
And then came Ebola and hot on its heels was the Monkey Pox and before we could say jack, we had Lassa fever to battle with. We were still battling with washing our hands 20 times a day, to screening every piece of meat in the soup when this one arrived, the money-swallowing snake!

Oh, I forgot to tell you that they tried overthrowing our government by forcing our president out of office. Fortunately for us, the delegated rats failed in the coup.

Biko, where did we go wrong as a country?😢
Is it now time to appease the gods of animals?
Because me, ayam not understanding o.
So, you can’t even keep money at home again? Since banks would keep charging u for every damn thing, from the A.C breeze to the bank teller you eyed, to even withdrawing your own money.🤧
Biko, sth shld be done about this money-swallowing snake before it passes the skill to other reptiles. Next thing now, you’d be running around your house in a bid to recover your wallet frm the wall gecko.😡
In any case, I just hope they find the scape goat sorry, scape snake.
Funny how we have been falsely accusing the innocent goat all the while.😟


7 responses to “The Animal Farm (Nigerian Version)”

  1. I’m just tired of this country, u can’t keep anything with the hope of meeting it again . ….. May God deliver us from all these problems before one day we hear that animals have taken over our country and we’ll be looking for where to stay!

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