Medplus End of the Year Bash!

Just a bit of what happened at Medplus yesterday.
You see, yesterday was the end of the business year for those of us at the admiralty, lekki branch. Not technically an end of the activities in the pharmacy. Let’s just say we chose yesterday to have fun. To sing, dance and be Merry. It was one of those rare moments that you would catch my manager, Mr Franklin Okoronji, making one of his famous jaw-breaking dance moves. Lol. Those who know, know.
It was also one of those moments that everybody drops what they are at the trash bin and decide to have pure undiluted fun. You could easily be getting free hugs from the ladies on that day (stop giving me that look, everybody knows I’m going to the seminary next Tuesday of next year) lol.
Well, I learnt a huge lesson that might stick with me for the rest of my life. I learnt that the beauty of work, and the contentment that comes with that nebulous thing we call “job satisfaction”, has little or nothing to do with the obessity of the paychecks, nor the tedious stress of rummaging through the paper works, and definitely not the rote repetition of schedules. It had almost nothing to do with what you earned or what you did or what you were.
On the other hand, it had everything to do with how you did what you did and most importantly, the people you did it with, the strength of their character and the generousity of their spirit.
And I can confidently tell you today that I have been blessed with working with the best the world. These guys make this place fun. From Titus who can sell charcoal to even the devil, to Franklin Ekezie, whose administrative prowess are second to none, to dearest Pharms Miriam and Claire who would teach you other unofficial methods of therapeutics, that your lecturers knew nothing about, to Pharm Rita who walks with the grace of a queen, to my very own Pharm Vwairhe (pronounced Y-ray), who has the sweetest personality that I’ve been opportuned to behold. And then of course, to my able manager, Odogwu Franklin Okoronji, Obeleagu 1 of Medplus, who knitts all these talents together. And then Chioma, the lady after my pancrease. Lol.
And every other person, of course, Madam Dee, the manager of the manager, Joe, Bond, Jeff, Slim Dee, and all ma men in Medplus.
You guys are simply irreplaceable.
If I were to choose 10 places to intern, I would choose only Medplus, and that single choice, would suffice…….and u guys are the reason.

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