Category: The Beginning of 2018.

  • The Taste of Stupidity!

    The Taste of Stupidity!

    Apart from our helplessly beloved Trump, who by the way, thinks we are all “shit” (I mean, what else comes from shit holes), the next trending gist in Nigeria is that of Sex dolls. Yes, I know you have heard of it, unless of course, your own hole is deeper than that of the rest […]

  • Renovated Excuses

    Renovated Excuses

    The first week of a new year.The funny period of resolutions and seeming irrevocable decisions. A couple of days now, the year would be considered in full motion and yes, we would all be at work, either greasing the cogs of the events shaping our future or more conveniently, folding our arms and making proposing excellent blame and denial theories.