Spoil the canvas; Save the Painter

This evening, I streamed a beautiful celebration of today’s liturgy straight from the Vatican.
A part of the homily struck me, the priest who shared the homily told a story of a man whom I understand to be a painter or sculptor (I couldn’t hear everything as it was narrated in Latin and speedily translated in English). So, the painter (let’s call him that) was painting a part of a building and when he felt he had done a good job, he tried taking a few steps backwards to analyze his works and feed his eyes. But unknown to him, he was about slipping off the scaffolding and falling to his doom.

When his apprentice noticed this, he thought of screaming his name so he stops but figured out that this would only hasten the fall. Hence, he darted at the painting brush and struck it at the middle of the painting. The painter instinctively lurched forward to stop him thereby avoiding the fall from the scaffolding.

Hence, in destroying the painting, the painter has been saved……..and this stuck.

Maybe sometimes, that special thing which we are investing our entire energy in, might need to be destroyed for us to be saved.

Have yourself a meditative Good Friday

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