Between your lungs and your nose

United in our common division
Some call it isolation,
Mankind has come to that point
Where what matters is who “breathes”
And no longer who owns what
Nor who is coloured what

A little city is injured, the entire world bleeds
It is true, what they say
Our world is a global village, Wuhan is the capital
Hence, there are only two races- the dead and those on the waiting list

We would recover and we’d tell the tales
Of when babies learnt to count by death statistics on TV screens
Of the productivity of sitting at home
Of fear and tears and the atheist’s god

And we’d know, and we’d tell
That when it mattered,
Soap,water and the dedication of masked heroes sufficed
Our nukes lay rusty and useless
Life is back to the basics, it shuffles between your lungs and your nose

©️Kene Ujam
10th April, 2020

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