Find You!

Yesterday while at work, I met this adorable little girl, she should be about 8 or 9 and came as pretty as they do. Let’s call her Ayo, because that is her name🙄 (or a part of it at least😏). What actually happened was that I noticed a scuffle between Ayo and her guardian, another young woman who wouldn’t be beyond 23. Eventually Ayo had to be half-dragged and half-cajoled into coming in. She still had tears in her eyes and was still insisting that she didn’t want to come in, though they were already in.
I approached this beautiful little human and asked what the problem was and she promptly told me that she didn’t want to come into the Pharmacy. So, I asked “why”, no response. I went further to ask if she didn’t want to become a Pharmacist (by this time I was wiping her tears and wearing my best smile and trying to appear affable as possible). Basically, I was Barney, just without the costume. But Ayo didn’t care, she responded with an emphatic “no!” which she endorsed by a vehement tilt of the head from left to right and in a quick succession. My spirit drooped, I felt I hadn’t played the part appropriately. I quickly “reattached” my smile and went on to ask what she wanted to be (by this time, she had lost interest in crying and was more interested in the shelf for confectioneries though the scowl was still there). Her next answer was in no way anticipated. Ayo said she doesn’t want to be anything. Bam!punch number 2 and my arms weren’t even up! So, I was dazed for a moment. Sincerely, I didn’t know what else to tell her.
To save face and act like an “adult” who knew what he was doing, I added “nothing but yourself right?” And she gave me the first yes. And then, we went further to select a suitable anti allergy medication for her. And soon enough, she was demanding for chocolate from her guardian. Of course, she was reminded that she didn’t want to come in the first place. Ayo and her guardian left but the thought lingered.
What would happen if we all didn’t want to be anything but us? That question even begs another question, what are we, without our degrees, titles and portfolios? What really are we?
And in what ways, I wonder, have the tags that we wear subtly driven what we really are into oblivion? Can we ever really find this “us”, that is, the original us that probably doesn’t want anything to do with a Pharmacy except the chocolates? And is innocent enough to say that anywhere! And if we find this “us”, would we even recognize it? Can we live with it? Is it even worth the search?
I don’t know!
Find you, regardless!

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