Ads in Lagos

So, I saw this at the wall of a Barbeque shop this morning. And it literally froze me in my tracks. Did you see what they did there? First they come humble and appealing and unassuming hence disarming you and crashing your walls of doubts and expectations at the same time. I mean, the first paragraph literally takes away your right to complain that the demands of your taste buds weren’t met! So now, you trust them because you assume that they are sincere, at least they are not claiming to be more than what they are.

Smart Number 2!
They now let you know that they are your *only* options for “Authentic barbecue and burger” at Lekki. So, you’ve heard authentic, a word which could mean everything and nothing at the same time. I mean, let’s analyze it, what makes a barbecue or a burger “authentic”? Is there like a United Nations barbecue and burger standard? 😂 You Know like UNBBS😉!
But well, they are your *only* option, according to “them”.
But do you think this deeply anytime you hear authentic?
And even if you did, they wouldn’t let you think too deeply because before you’ve gathered your thoughts, they have slammed you with a “Welcome Home”!
It’s sealed! That trust they established previously has been crowned. Because of course, home is irreplaceable, home is memories, home is mum and home is family! So, It’s not just about Burger and BBQ anymore, it’s now about home, which sounds a bit like mum, which directly translates into family and means “love” in several climes!
So of course, it’s justified to honour them with your ATM card and order to your fill!

This advert is by far the smartest that I’ve seen in a long while!

You think they are humble and bam!… They spin it on you and put you at the victim position.
Poor you, the barbecue addict who doesn’t have any choice but them!🤣😂🤣

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