International Women’s Day!

To all the women out there trying to make ends meet, strapping a Suckling to the back and hawking whatever sells in that season,

To all the 5 a.m-ers with kids in school and files for pillows, burning the candle at both ends to see that some dignity is still there when the coffin eventually arrives, as it would for us all,

To all the mothers bearing the burden of raising a child made together, alone. Keep at it, motherhood is not measured by “husbandhood” rather by the amount of love you can nurture and multiply,

To all whose love are unrequited and who still try to wear beautiful smiles that leaves you wondering if they were high-fiving their depression, keep that smile, it’s a strength,

To all women in all walks of life, who understand that we were made to compliment and support one another, to all the babies and their bubbles, the babes and their selfies, the mother’s and their August meetings, the grannies and their stories,

And to my own Mother, Madam Josephine, Mummy m, Mama mia, my Father’s girlfriend and my first wife,

I pray happiness never eludes you all, I pray you and yours bring you joy.
I pray the juice is eventually worth the squeeze. I pray our love suffices for the sacrifices that you guys make.

Have a beautiful International Women’s Day!

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