Happy Birthday to Me!

So, I was born on this day, several years ago.
I imagine it must have been a beautiful sunny day. But then again, we don’t really care much about the “sun” in this part of the world. Lol.

So, I have learnt a few things, and I’d share them with you:
– I have learnt that we (humans generally), find it more comfortable to stay in less than satisfactory terrains (relationships, jobs e.t.c) than in pursuing new uncertain interests.
– I’ve learnt that deep down, every one of us wants to be a nice guy. The difference between that intention and what we eventually become, is hewed by our environment. And hey, by environment, I mean nothing abt global warming or ozone depletion. I mean you. You are the guy-next-door’s immediate environment. You play a major role in demonizing him or sainting him.
– I have learnt that whether you describe God as a concept or, you actually believe in Him as a being, makes no difference to Him. Your decision only affects you.
– I have also learnt that love is a lot of things. And all of these things have something to do with a sacrifice.

-that a daily phone call, money when needed, a laughter for dead jokes and a shoulder to be leaned on, could also mean love
– that too many opportunities stunt growth,
– that you could be as broke as you were with your 5 hour daily routine, as with a 13 hour daily job. Being busy does not equal productivity,
– that the uni degree is grossly overrated and that we are gradually beginning to realize this,
– that religion and nepotism are two things one should beware of,
– I have also learnt that we are not really as important as we think.
– that most importantly, God never forgets His own.
– and finally, that I will never learn enough to know it all and that is fine.

The imperfection in knowledge, the weakness in judgements, the delay in decisions and finally, the failure of your lungs to shuffle in more air after your final exhalation, all add up to what I love to call “The Side Effects of Being Alive“……….make sure you are getting some.

5 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!”

  1. Hi Kene! I clicked the link from the Platoon group chat today but I found myself reading through post after another and finding myself continually impressed. That said, I think I can say for sure that this is my absolute favourite of the rest! You and your blog are brilliant. And I will definitely definitely DEFINITELY be quoting you on that last paragraph. It’s so sublime yet so simple!! The side effects of being alive!

    Thank you for writing.
    Please never stop.

    From Fiwasewa
    (from Platoon 8 NYSC camp)

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