The Chubby Little Celebrities

You know that thing babies do to adults? Well, I do not know the best way to explain it but, I know that for no apparent reason other than to elicit a smile from babies, we tend to do things that ordinarily, we would have described as stupid. We contort our faces into actually stupid shapes, alongside other gimmicks we employ to get these little ones giggling. And for what reason? Nothing, really, apart from that glorious smile that babies are quite generous with.

And no, it has nothing to do with dentition, c’mon, they barely even have teeth. Lol…they still expose their bald gums innocently, regardless. And if you’re lucky, they could intimate you on the happenings around town, in their very clear gibberish. Lol.

Yet, we all love them…..and their smiles, toothless though but yes, we love it.

I was opportune to watch a doodling Ademide taxi into the pharmacy on his mother’s back. He was about a year and a couple of months, yet, he had the countenance of an adult.

Of course, he was chubby too, I immediately fell in love with him. I wasn’t alone though, almost everyone at the pharmacy was lovestruck too. But Ade couldn’t care less, whether we were drooling all over him or not. For some reason, this chubby lil human being knew he was a celebrity and acted like it.

So, I have been wondering why a fellow adult’s smile rarely evokes the same response from us. Could it be because we are afraid that he might just be smiling so that he can sell us real estate or could he be trying to smile me into his bedroom? Or does this smile just seem too mechanical, as if some invisible pliers were used to separate his lips? And seriously folks, some peeps actually smile that way.
And Ade didn’t even smile, he was pouting all the way like a god who couldn’t wait to run away from these clingy carbon-based humans, who were wetting him with kisses and unsolicited smiles. 😂

So, I walked up to Ade and whispered ” Ade, growing up is a scam, don’t do it”.😂

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