Onyinye, this is beautiful. Hence, I’m reblogging it.

Transforming Word Series

If only the Creator would grant me the power to heal
Then the cheerless gates of misery, I would gladly seal
That fearless devourer armed with daily zeal
I could see the “die-hard” cringe for real

Forth would I go to the Omnipresent, whom I can seek
The Almighty, before whom the mighty are meek
Leaves many all cranky and up the creek
I couldn’t dare steal a careless peek

Wouldest I seal tis deathly deal?
Stripping off all of its bodily feel
Concealing a myriad of woes in piecemeal
Leaving us in wonder if it’s for real

Oh, that man couldst dread the inevitable pill
Resolute on populating hell to the gills
Whilst inflicting hearty pains as with a drill
The saintly host on high celebrates, more still

A drove of spirited souls, thou didst swallow
And have them landed in cheerless gallows
All we like sheep, unsteady as…

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