The Taste of Stupidity!

Apart from our helplessly beloved Trump, who by the way, thinks we are all “shit” (I mean, what else comes from shit holes), the next trending gist in Nigeria is that of Sex dolls. Yes, I know you have heard of it, unless of course, your own hole is deeper than that of the rest of us. Lol.

Anyway, I’ve been quietly observing a lot of reactions to it. From those who have already predicted that the world would end by December this year, to the moralists, who think that rock bottom is sky-high above where we are today in terms of morality. Well, they might also be well within their rights to say so. And then of course, a lot of guys are pouring libations to their father’s deities on behalf of the Chinese or whatever companies that made it. For those who are addicted to masturbation, this is basically life, getting out of hands, if you know what I mean.

Beyond all of these, the most interesting people I’ve been monitoring quite closely, are the ladies. From donning a facade of indifference, to vehemently arguing its functionality and eventually admitting its authenticity. Then finally, to dragging in other things they perceive a woman can do that the sex doll can’t.
“can your sex doll cook your meals, or iron your clothes or keep your house tidied up”… they opine. No dear, no doll can replace the emotional impact of any human being but the question is “why the comparism?….Have you suddenly become aware that your only role is about to be snatched by sth else that might be even more effective? And now, you are reminding us of all those things that you “could” do (which you deliberately refused to do by the way )? Bearing in mind that a few months ago, the social media was rife with women chanting their favourite war mantra “wife, not cooks….wife, not laundry guy, ….wife, not cleaner” and a host of others.
Now, because there is a sex doll, you miraculously develop the ability to cook, wash and build a home?
C’mon people, why does self deceit taste so pleasant?
I mean, if we have all accepted your mantra and proposition that women are not cooks, neither are they home makers, nor dry cleaners, why then drag it into the argument abt the sex doll? Or were those chants mere embellishments to a deep seated hipocrisy?
I mean, if we can excuse you from performing all those other roles which you hitherto denied, what’s to stop us from excusing these sex dolls?
In summary, the invention of the sex doll has taught us one lesson, and that is this…” if as a woman, all you’ve got to offer is sex, be convinced that you would be irrelevant in less than 2 years from now.

Caveat: I do not support the idea of replacing a human being by any humanoid doll in matters of emotional interplay. I do not support self deceit as well.
All I’m asking is how tasty is stupidity that we all want to drink from it?

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