Renovated Excuses

So, its the beginning of January and true to expectations, everyone is getting fired up philosophically and waxing pithy strong. These days, its either you are being wished long life and prosperity as if they must, by some unannounced divine rule, go together. Or a financial breakthrough (whatever it is you’re breaking through shaa). For some reason, each time I hear that, I envision some one helping himself (in a not very peaceful manner) to some bank’s vault. I’m not weird, my mind just associates breaking with some sizeable dose of violence.
So, there’s the prayer team. These seeming celestial few tie your success to the whims and caprices of your “village people”, who by the way, are expecting you to come home and “do” Christmas for them. Well, excuse me sire, with due respect, that’s another perfect example of a classic bullshit. Thank you. Seriously folks, what could be more hilarious?

Of course, you decide against going to the village (the ostensible reason being the hike in fuel price but never mind, its easier for you to blame it on the village people and their diabolism). Chill, I’m not saying there are no diabolic powers or that you shouldn’t guard you life. By all means, do whatever floats your boat. But know it deep down, in that part where we record personal truths, that the reason January is appearing very tough and business doesn’t seem to be moving and all your money seem to have developed wings, is not more of what a red handkerchief and a yellow candle with a sprinkle of feathers did, than it is of what your escapades at the village bar or fundraising or whatever other peacock show you engaged in,did.And by the way, you are not usually alone at this scenario. It’s some sort of a cycle. 

A plausible reason why sales are not booming in January could be that just like you, every other person is recuperating from the December extravagance. So, unless you’re selling stationeries or school stuff, you might have to chill out for the time being. The primary interest of people in January, is not usually in buying upholstery or decorations and definitely not the cinema, it’s usually about kids and school and new frontiers. So, it just might not be your village people. Unless of course, you sell stationeries and they make up a bulk majority of your buyers then, you’ve got some appeasing to do. 

My personal advice?….. re-strategize and/or diversify.

Take a little from the main stream and do a clearly thought out , realistically projected diversification, especially if u don’t see your mainstream bouncing back in time. The inflow might be way less than the mainstream but, remember that no matter how little, a little crawl is way ahead of stagnation.

If you’ve done all these and things are still not moving fine, and you sincerely smell your village  people’s hand in it, then, kuku go back to the village and ask them to stop drinking pap with your destiny “nicely” or clothe yourself in holiness and consequently in God’s mercy. Don’t be sleeping in a brothel and expecting protections from a chapel.

Bottom line, it’s time to stop renovating all those excuses. Allow them to wear out abeg.

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