What its all about!

The sweats, the endless traffic, the curses.and expletives,…..all melded into a broth that forms the interesting life of a fresh graduate in Lagos as he tries to burrow his way into the corporate life and consequently faces the possible collateral damage of self loss. It’s neither black nor white, it’s black,white and all the colours in between. It’s probably oxblood orange 😉.

2 responses to “What its all about!”

  1. Igweeee!
    I’ve been quietly admiring your literary prowess since I started following you on facebook since my return thereto not too long ago. While reading your Medplus Christmas narrative, I was concurrently enjoying it and trying to decide the best time to call you to ask you to ‘do’ a novel or stuff like that, then came to the link and here am I!
    My only comments for now are:
    You’re hugely talented (it will definitely sound repetitious and trite to you) and the sky is only the beginning of your limit.
    See you at the top soon!

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