Tribute to Broccolis and Spinach

Adieu to the days of old

When for a spared child was a spoilt rod

When it mattered not

And we cared not

For horrors can-encased

Or evils polymers enclosed
Adieu to the days of old

When all we cared abt was food in it’s green

Rid of colourants 

And guilty of no odourants

When it needn’t be fried brown 

Before it’s taste is crowned
Adieu to the days of old

When there was life in the living

And we lived before we died

With Methuselah the youngest

Bodies taut yet gymless

Ripened with age but not frail
Adieu to the days of old

When of cancers we knew not

And of abiraterone, we heard not

The king of evils was a good ol’ headache

And for stomachs that ran,

We tied down with leaves that climbed
Adieu to the days of old

When we needn’t copy their food

Because we ate healthier

The days before the noodles and fries

Before we left cocoa and clung to choco

The brown seed of overindulgence
Adieu to the days of old

When Egusi meddled with Akpu

Symbolizing an Igbo dalliance

And Ewedu coruscating on Amala

Signified a western balance

When for each Tuwo, stood a shinkafa 
Adieu to today,for we’ve all turned brown

Dying at fifties with plenty glitches

Talking cancers with no answers

Just names for the parts maimed

Of the blood-leukemia

Of the skin-a carcinoma
Adieu to today, for we’ve ran out of adieus

All we are left with are unpaid dues

The results of the Broccoli exit

and spinach sabbaticals

That which tickled our tongues shapeless

Has left our bodies lifeless
The price of choosing brown over green

We remember the 10th day before every valentine
#A cancer free world


4 responses to “Tribute to Broccolis and Spinach”

  1. A spared child nd a spoilt rod. Took me a yl 2 comprehend, bt I see d logic. Re we really sure dat cancers re modern ailments? Dey myt ve been existing b4, jst dat dey weren’t diagnosed bcos of d state of research den. I honestly dnt knw of a cancer-free world is achievable, bt we’ll try our best 2 limit its effects

    Liked by 1 person

    • And there’s a point there.
      Maybe the facilities weren’t tech enough.
      But you must agree that they sure as hell lived longer than we currently do. And with less repetitious😉


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